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Standard terms and conditions applicable when you book sample and/or services with us

Last updated on: 20-Dec-2023 -- new text added in red below

Incidence rates - calculation and thresholds

Standard incidence rate calculation used:

Incidence rate = Completes / (Completes + Non-targetable screenouts + Non-targetable quotafulls)

This is the standard formula being used by ESOMAR and by Main Frame.


If the actual incidence rate in field is different versus the commissioned/estimated one – we reserve the right to adjust pricing, feasibility and/or timings.


Pricing wise – there is a threshold of 20% that we apply – within that threshold the CPI doesn’t change.


Example, project estimated at 50% IR

20% threshold of that 50% is 10%, meaning – if the final IR is between 40-60% - pricing would not change.

Device limitations

As per default – we assume that all devices are allowed in the survey (respondents coming from any device can participate) – unless otherwise specified in the bid.

Minimum and other fees


Unless otherwise specified in the bid – there are no minimum fees.


No minimum country fee

No minimum project fee

No PM fee

No cancellation fee

No weekend coverage fee

If the required sample for the project includes exclusively young respondents (18-24yo) or older respondents (55yo+), or their required representation is 50% or more (combined) - the pricing/CPI for the whole project might be adjusted.

Testing survey links and launching sample


As per default - we would need to test the survey links for screenout and complete statuses.
If we are not allowed to do so - or the script prevents us from doing so - we might need to pass/cancel fielding the survey.

Survey length and survey incompletion

If actual survey length in the project is shorter or longer by 3 or more minutes – we reserve the right to update the pricing (due to incentives).


As per default we assume up to 15% incompletion rate in projects. If the actual one in field is higher – feasibility and/or pricing might be impacted. 


Invoicing is done in the currency provided in bid or during the final project completion.


Payment for all services provided is due and payable within 30 days from the date of the invoice - unless otherwise specified and agreed upfront.

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