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We have some of the best B2C profiled panels and with internal technology - we can dynamically profile respondents for niche groups. We provide proprietary panel access to respondents in 50 countries globally.

More than active 750,000 respondents in EMEA, AMS and APAC. 

Here is a list with the markets and latest panel size numbers:

Countries in Europe

Austria, 8k
Belgium, 8k
Bosnia, 3k
Bulgaria, 19k
Croatia, 12k
Czech Rep., 25k
Denmark, 8k
Estonia, 8k
Finland, 10k
France, 14k
Germany, 25k
Greece, 19k
Hungary, 25k
Ireland, 7k
Italy, 28k
Latvia, 8k
Lithuania, 11k
Netherlands, 14k
Norway, 7k
Poland, 34k
Portugal, 14k
Romania, 27k
Serbia, 13k
Slovenia, 8k
Spain, 30k
Sweden, 9k
Switzerland, 9k
Turkey, 17k
UK, 15k
Ukraine, 14k
Slovakia, 23k

Countries in Africa

Kenya, 7k
Nigeria, 12k
South Africa, 7k

Countries in AMS

Argentina, 11k
Colombia, 15k
Brazil, 25k
Mexico, 21k
Canada, 18k
Peru, 11k
Chile, 11k
USA, 37k

Countries in APAC

Australia, 18k
China, 16k
India, 16k
Indonesia, 18k
Japan, 15k
Malaysia, 13k
Philippines, 13k
South Korea, 10k


We can also provide access to online panel respondents in more than 80 countries globally - via our panel partner network.

All double opt-in panels, all go through our quality checks.

Get in touch to get a copy of our PanelBook and to learn more!

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